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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The house of roulette - featuring the most recognizable symbol of gambling in the world (the roulette wheel) and dedicated to those who play roulette because of its automatic association with glamour, style and sophistication


Looking for somewhere to play roulette online right now? To play for fun, try the House-of-Roulette's own free roulette game. Simply click the "Play Our Free Games" image that's located beside the pretty dancing girl in red to the top left of your screen and our casino game window will load. To play roulette for real cash, check out the House-Of-Roulette's listing of top roulette casinos. If you're looking for roulette tips, please continue reading below.

  • As an intelligent roulette player, you will try to make a series of predetermined bets rather than betting "all over the table". Always try to be consistent in your betting system
  • Part of the pleasure of roulette is to bet on your own or your loved ones' birth dates, dates of significance, athletes' jersey numbers, number of days that you've been married or any other lucky digits. Make sure you reserve some time and money for those special bets. After all, it can't be all about the money, and you just might get lucky!
  • Playing American roulette is not a terrific option. The standard house edge for American roulette is much higher than for French/European roulette, so it suits you to try and find a single zero roulette wheel (if available)
  • The modern roulette wheel is completely random, and a so-called streak can begin and end on any one number. Just about anyone that thinks they can predict the next series of numbers exactly is being quite foolish
  • Practice smart money management. Ensure that you have a decent enough bankroll to carry you through whatever losing streaks you may experience from time to time

Our roulette tips page is constantly being updated so check back often if you can! Also, if you've got your own hot roulette tip or list of tips to suggest, please send them to us via email to .

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