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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The house of roulette - featuring the most recognizable symbol of gambling in the world (the roulette wheel) and dedicated to those who play roulette because of its automatic association with glamour, style and sophistication


Looking for somewhere to play roulette online right now? To play for fun, try the House-of-Roulette's own free roulette game. Simply click the "Play Our Free Games" image that's located beside the pretty dancing girl in red to the top left of your screen and our casino game window will load.

To play roulette for real cash, check out the House-Of-Roulette's list of top roulette casinos detailed below. These online casinos all offer the dual option for you to play free roulette (and other casino games) as a guest or for real with your own money (plus a complimentary bonus or two from the house).

Abracadabra Online Casino
You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain at Abracadabra Online Casino. They offer unlimited play, absolutely FREE. There's no trial period because a "FUN" account allows you to play as long as you like, without ever having to make a purchase! The Abracadabra roulette game is based on standard European Roulette, so the ivory ball rolls in a spinning wheel that consists of 36 numbers and 0. Nice odds, so it's definitely on our list of top roulette casinos.

Bugsy Online Casino
No newcomer to lists of top roulette casinos all over the Internet, Bugsy Online casino also offers roulette with the French / European style wheel. Bugsy Online Casino's payout and odds are comparable to the top gambling casinos in Las Vegas and conform to the Nevada Gaming Rules. At Bugsy, you're guaranteed high roller treatment, even if you don't play like one, making them an easy selection in our list of top roulette casinos.

More casinos to be added soon!

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